2010 Hainberg Gymnasium

2010 --

Covenant Players at HG

Am 25.und 26.2.2010 besuchten die Covenant Players das HG. Die 6. und 8. Klassen spielten mit den Schauspielern je eine Schulstunde.

And here is what pupils from Year 6 said:

“Today the Covenant Players were at HG. They act very well.” Henrike, 6b

“The Covenant Players are an international group. David, Silke, Katie, and Morton are really nice.” Sophie, 6b

“We think they will become stars.” Irina, 6b

"The players were very interesting and they played with us happily. Jakob was a motorbike and I was a tree." Hannah, 6a

“They spoke only English, but we understood them.” Marlene, 6b

“ I liked it when they spoke German. That was very funny: (Schauspieler = Schaumspüler).” Mona, 6a

“First we imagined a park. In the park were twenty trees, green bushes, blue birds, green grass, and a lake with ducks.” Henrike. 6a

“My favourite scene was the scene with Nora. It was the funniest.” Nina, 6b

“It was very funny because they played with us. I was a doctor, the girls were top models, the boys were strong men, and we all were a hospital.” Julia, 6a

“It was great that they talked to us.” Marlene, 6b

“I didn’t like the play because it was in English.” J.K.

“I liked this project because it was funny and all of us did act.” Leo, 6a

“The scene in the park was the best scene of all.” Friederike, 6b

“David was the best.” Max, 6a

“What I didn’t like: It was a bit short.” Jannes, 6a

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The Covenant Players 2007 - Reviews

On Friday 9th February, the group The Covenant Players performed some drama activities in the entrance room of the auditorium at the Hainberg Gymnasium. The main topic was “Who are you?” The show was designed for one class at a time and took 45 minutes.

The Covenant Players are a group of travelling actors who act in front of classes at schools. The group that played at our school consisted of three actors, one man and two women who have already worked with the Covenants between 1 and 5 years. The man, who comes from Texas, is married to one of the women in the group. The other woman comes from the Ukraine and she has a family back there, too.

The Covenant Players do interactive drama activities, i.e. they include the audience in their acting. The group for example showed us how to define ourselves and the actors wanted us to answer who we are and what defines us and to find words that describe us. During this part two students were blindfolded and one of them had to catch the other one with the help of two more students. After each short performance the actors talked to us about its topic.

In our opinion the drama activities were original because they were acted without a stage or sceneries. The pupils had to imagine the settings. We think the activities were nice and fun to do and the actors played well. In addition, the activities were well-planned. To our minds they were thought-provoking because they had a message for the students. The aim of the players was to animate the pupils to think about the question who they are and what characterises them. Another aim was to make us think about the way how we observe our environment and ourselves.

What we really liked was that the actors didn’t only act their parts out, but also talked to the audience and tried to connect with us. We would therefore like to recommend the group to other classes because in our eyes they provide a good opportunity to watch and listen to native speakers. And you can learn a lot from them: about theatre, about language and about life.

Marilena Henne and Sven Jäger(Form 10F1)


On 9th February we saw a group called The Covenant Players. There were three actors in this group who acted in front of us at the HG. They presented a couple of short interactive drama activities which were set for example in a park or in an office. No drama activity took more than 5 minutes and after each one we all talked about it and we performed some activities on the topic of each scene together. The whole event lasted for about 45 minutes.

The three actors form one of many groups that travel together through the world in order to show their drama activities to a big audience. The Covenant Players have about 200 members altogether. They are Christians and one aim of them is to show people/pupils how to reflect their own life from different angles. The three members who visited our school came from Texas and the Ukraine.

Together with some players of the group we did a lot of interesting activities about everyday situations. The Covenants performed a play in which one woman asked another woman in a park again and again who she was. The woman first didn’t know what she was supposed to say, so she said her name and gave her profession. But the other woman wanted to know something else. So the first woman became very thoughtful because she noticed that she didn’t know who she really was. Afterwards we were supposed to choose a partner and ask each other 15 times who we ourselves really were. We had to give different answers each time. We did a lot of activities like that, but in my opinion the scene I just mentioned was the most important and interesting one. While doing it I became very thoughtful too and realized that I in fact don’t really know who I am and that I had never thought about this question. This made me pensive. I believe that this was the aim of The Covenant Players: they wanted to make us think critically about our life. As far as I am concerned they reached their aim.

There are various reasons why I would say this group is great. Firstly, they are unique and unusual because I don’t know any other group which is comparable to them. Secondly, they do interactive things, so the pupils don’t have to sit motionless on their chairs – they can experience things while moving around. Furthermore, it was very enjoyable that you could relax. In fact, you no longer felt as if you were at school. Unfortunately, I sometimes had the impression that one of the actors gave you a sermon here and there and this wasn’t so good in my eyes – it destroyed the atmosphere a little. Some of the other pupils said that they found the activities boring and silly, but I cannot share that view. If they think so, it’s because they didn’t understand the plays and the actors’ intentions.

All in all, The Covenant Players were really unique and special. I would recommend them to everybody – it might help you to see your life with other eyes … Another reason to invite them to perform at your school would be to show pupils that you can enjoy English, that English lessons don’t always mean that you have to study grammar and learn words … In addition, pupils get into contact with people from other countries … – I really liked it.

Corinna Kulle (Form 10F2)