2014 Berufschule Biedenkopf

Covenant Players perform for FOS and BFS classes at the bsb
(Covenant Players spielen Theater für FOS- und BFS-Klassen der bsb)

“Use your imagination!” Larry Blatterman invites the pupils.
They can only see a few chairs and a table on the “stage”. But he describes the setting of the performance of several short plays in English language such vividly that it really seems to work.

Within a few minutes the three actors Larry Blatterman, David Graham and Sam Growes have turned the audience, at first sitting in a state of expectancy, into laughing, hands clapping, singing, and….English speaking youngsters.

Members of this travelling American theatre group - the Covenant Players - have performed plays in English language for pupils of FOS and BFS classes at the Berufliche Schulen Biedenkopf (bsb) now for the third time, and have always evoked positive response.
With an English language communication program (ELCP) the Covenant players - about 500 people world-wide - have been performing at schools, hospitals, churches and other places all over the world since the late ´70s.
Their shows consist of short plays, discussion and interactive exercises.
Meaningful gestures and noises and last but not least winning manners are helpful means to successfully encourage young students to talk in a foreign language.

The players describe a situation, choose some volunteers among the audience, rehearse with them for a few seconds, and then:  they all play. For example a Western in Hollywood style.
So, one pupil is the bad guy and another one the trigger-happy barkeeper.

Beside humorous actions pupils can also experience plays on serious subjects which are appealing to them, like difficult family situations, problems of communication and relationship, self-identity, or even problems of drug and alcohol abuse.

Hopefully next year the Covenant Players will follow the tradition to visit the bsb and offer our young people a show that is fun and contributes to learning English at the same time.
English teachers and pupils are very much looking forward to having the Covenant Players as guests again.

(text and pictures: Elke Schneider-Kind)

article from school website