Die Heilsarmee, Düsseldorf, Germany

Equmeniakyrkan Tibro, Tibro, Sweden

EKG Schloßkirche, Westerburg, Germany

Chrishona Dottikon, Dottikon, Switzerland

Diocese catholique de Lyon, Territoire de Roanne, Roanne, France

Equmeniakyrkan co Missionskyrka Borgholm, Borgholm, Sweden

Beterförsamling, Jönåker, Sweden

Eglise Réformée France, Pantin, France

Weinberg-Gemeinde, Köln, Germany

Midnight Sun Unit programme, after MEETING OF THE MINDS

”What I got out of the first play (MEETING OF MINDS), was that sometimes we only come to God with our problems but sometimes we need to come and just be, be with God and not have distractions or our list of wants.”

“Very powerful performance, everything just worked together so well, put together by the Holy Spirit”.

Midnight Sun Unit—Larry and Jo French-Howser ULs


Die Arche Gemeinde, Nordfriesland, Germany


“I really like the way you get the audience involved.  This is great.”

Comment from a Covenant Players performance at Die Arche Gemeinde Nordfriesland, Haus der Jugend (youth centre), Niebüll, Germany

Amazing Grace Chapel, Hull, United Kingdom


“I always know that the Covenant Players are going to be not only professional, but impacting.  I always look forward to your ministrations and the Lord always has something to say though your plays.”

Comment after a Covenant Players programme
Amazing Grace Chapel, RCCG Hull
Kingston-upon-Hull, United Kingdom


Christian Resources Exhibition


“Covenant Players!  Praise the Lord for the Covenant Players!  These guys are fantastic, everybody needs to see them.  They are absolute professionals and their material is superb.  If you haven’t seen them, you must have them at your church!”

Comments from the Covenant Players performance at Christian Resources Exhibition North, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon, United Kingdom


Camden Road Baptist Church, London

A comment from a Covenant Players performance at Camden Road Baptist Church, Holloway, London, United Kingdom

“It reminded me of Jesus standing on the cliff and being tempted to jump.”

Volksmission Ansbach, Ansbach, Germany

Arche Nordfriesland, Niebüll, Germany


“I know where I am with my Lord, and that is good.  The play, however, made it so clear how many people do not understand and may be lost.  You have a very strong ministry.”

Comment after Covenant Players programme at Arche Nordfriesland, Niebüll, Germany

Evangelische Freikirchliche Gemeinschaft, Düsseldorf, Germany

EFS Jaettendal, Harmaanger, Sweden