Comments from Workshops

"We learned so much today."  

"Great day! It landed some impacts with us."  

"There was so much that we could learn from your teaching."  

"You worked so well off each other! I noticed that when one of you spoke, the other would listen attentively which heightened everyone's concentration. I have seen that in other professional settings where a group around the main speaker would listen attentively which caused the same effect. I say, you are a good, effective team!"  

"One can tell, they have a lot of fun doing this (mother and co-organiser who popped in to see how things were going). You are giving them a lot to work with. It's exciting to see their involvement."  

"I think this will not only be a fun and interesting day, but equip people with a life skill." 

"I noticed when we did that (age walk) that I really struggled to adopt to the age of younger characters. My body felt stiff and rigged. I realise that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to be able to do that as an actor. Those are all things that I'm realising today."  

"The kids told us about the workshop.  They had a great time - and really enjoyed it!  They were so excited.  Thank you."  Die Arche Gemeinde Nordfriesland - Haus der Jugend