Theater in the English Classroom

How We Work

Class Size

Performances are staged in a normal classroom with the desks moved to the back of the room and the chairs set up in rows.

Audience size, 50 or less.




A small unit of actors performs the plays and leads the interactive exercises and discussions from the front.

No special room for costume changes is needed.

Our backstage is just outside the entrance to the classroom.



Students will more readily involve themselves and actively participate when the subject matter is relevant.

The unit works closely with each teacher to choose the appropriate theme for each class.

The themes can vary from class to class.

We prepare each performance specifically with the students‘ age and English level in mind.

Important Notice

In order to insure the greatest possible results please note the following points:

  • Performances are held in a normal sized classroom.
  • Optimum audience size is between 20 and 40 students.  Maximum allowable audience is 50 students.
  • When two classes are combined, they must be the same level and class (for example Class 7a with Class 7b).
  • In compliance with safeguarding and child protection practice, there must be at least one teacher or other designated responsible adult in the classroom at all times.  
  • All members of Covenant Players have completed a background check.