2016 Lycee Technique du Centre, Luxembourg



Letter of recommendation


Dear Larry and team,

The Covenant Players have been staging their interactive plays at the Lycée technique du Centre in Luxembourg-City for at least four years.  

These have always been occasions for our students to get out of the classroom and see the English language come alive as a means of story-telling, as well as of personal and emotional expression, rather than a tool for transactions.  Lower level students are also able to get involved in the performances, which often ask for audience participation, as body language and pantomime aid understanding.

Student feedback has always been positive as the Covenant Players are very adept at ice-breaking starters, and their topics are of universal interest.  They repeatedly encouraged students to think beyond everyday business and make space in their mind for less fortunate side-effects of our modern way of life, such as excessive waste production, social isolation, conflicts and the excessive use of social Medias.

The performances are divided into small sketches that are fast paced, do not leave space for boredom and endeavor to lift minds and hearts from their routines to invite a bit of thoughtfulness and warmth to take residence.

We are looking forward for the next opportunity to work with you and to have you here in school as our guests.


Best regards,


Nancy Holtgen