Affirming Life - To the Last Full Measure

Covenant Players brings the excitement and dynamism of live theater directly to nursing home audiences.  In a programme of 30-45 minutes, the residents will experience:


The Plays

The performance of professionally written plays performed by well trained and seasoned performers provide laughter, emotional involvement and intellectual stimulation for the audience.


If and where appropriate, volunteers from the audience are invited to participate in a structured improvisation, allowing them to enjoy the fun and creativity of performing without the need to memorize lines.  Covenant Players' members have experience in guiding people with limited speech or mobility in expressing themselves as they are able.  Hidden talents and humor are often exposed as the participants are given the chance to ad-lib during the course of the improvisation.

and Conversation

After every performance, the actors spend time with the residents in conversation, getting to know them. This often give residents a chance to share their feelings, giving them a much needed outlet for their emotions.


Covenant Players productions are designed to be performed under challenging conditions such as the limited space found in some long term facilities or hospital settings.  Using a few simple props and the imagination of the audience, Covenant Players allows those challenged with access or mobility concerns to enjoy professional live theater.