Our History

On August 22, 1971, Covenant Players first performance in Europe was held in Wiesbaden, Germany. During our first years in Europe, CP performed regularly for the U.S. military. At that time, many Covenant Players dreamed and hoped for the plays of Charles M. Tanner to be translated and performed in the languages of Europe. Then in 1977, Gail Crabtree, Walt Bauer and Hope Schwier became the first non-English unit of Covenant Players performing in German in Austria, Germany and eventually Switzerland! Gail and Walt went on to serve for many years in Germany. Walt served primarily on German speaking units until he died of a heart attack in 1991 whilst still traveling with Covenant Players in Germany.

Then in January, 1981, Schy Gleason, Nanna Nielsen (Ward), Tracey Lloyd & Michael (Kapp) Brown became the first, full-time unit of Covenant Players to Scandinavia! Over the past 30 years, Covenant Players has continued to serve throughout Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland, performing in English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish & Finnish!

In October, 1983, Pam Dennis (Cowser), John Helli, Brenda Sydnor (Hansen) & Matthew Schultz became the  first Covenant Players to perform in French!  Then starting in 1984, Pam Dennis led the first, full-time unit of Covenant Players in France. Since that time, Covenant Players has continued for the past 28 years full-time in France, as well as French speaking Switzerland & Belgium and Luxembourg.