Support us financially

Sponsor a Programme!

You can effect real change in your community! Sponsor a programme in your area. Have a positive impact on Nursing Homes, Retirement Centres, Homeless Shelters, Substance Abuse Programmes, Women’s Refuges, Family Counseling Centres, Seniors Activities Centres, Teen Pregnancy Centers, After-School Programmes, as well as programmes for the physically and learning disabled.

Support our Missioners

Many of our missioners are serving in areas far from their homes.  In order to provide funds for them to fly home on furlough, we have set up the Kathy Biedron Christensen Fund.  These times at home are vital to the health of our missioners and also to their families who hunger to hear about the experience of serving the Lord abroad.


Help us keep moving!  Donate a vehicle or money to purchase one.  If you are a mechanic, offer your services to one of our touring units.  Help us to fulfill our mission to "Go where the people are!"

Sponsor a Covenant Player overseas

A special calling to another land is at once exciting and challenging! The cost of flights and visas continues to rise. Participate in the miracle of the call by donating to the air transportation and visa fund.